January/February 2018 EAT is out – pick-up a copy

Our first issue of the year is out. Pick a copy at your favourite shop, grocer, liquor store or bakery. Or click this link to go the digital edition.


Cold-Pressed Juice, Exlirs, Smoothies, and Cleanses

Two Korean Fried Chicken joints

A new sour beer brewery in Rock Bay

Winter Citrus


Cozy Winter Pubs

Top Local Restaurant Trends for 2018

Udon: types, recipe

Sabich – middle easter sandwich recipe

Breakfast Strata: recipe

EAT TALKS: The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Feb 5 – tickets on Eventbrite)

Eating Well For Less


Liquid Assets



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Gary Hynes, a writer and photographer, founded EAT magazine in 1998 and is its editor and chief paperboy. He studied Electronic Music with Samuel Dolan at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music, Audio Recording Technology at ...

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