July | August 2016 Issue

Welcome to the July/Aug 2016 Issue. Read it now.




Edible Seaweeds by Cinda Chavich

Condiment Nation by Shelora Sheldan

The Interview: Ravenhill Farm by Jill Van Gyn

Reality Check, Please by Adrien Sala

Oh, Spare Me: Backyard Summer Barbecue by Jennifer Danter


Paella Meets Risotto by Julie Pegg

Summer Salad Days by Pam Durkin

The Natural Wine Movement by Michelle Bouffard

Liquid Assets by Larry Arnold

Beer and a Bite by Colin Hynes

Cocktail of the Month by Shawn Soole

City Eats by Rebecca Baugniet

Island News by Kirsten Tyler and Jen Dart


Nubo Japanese Tapas by Shelora Sheldan

Artisan Bistro by Joseph Blake

Saltchuck Pies, Maria’s Souvlaki and Ox King Noodles by Elizabeth Monk




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