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Champagne, France

The Tour de France rolled into Reims today. Reims is known as the city of Champagne, being home to many top Champagne houses. Historically, it is also the site of the coronation of French kings – a toast-worthy celebration, to be sure.

The only royalty I’m toasting this week however, is biking royalty. The men who ride the incredible Tour de France have had a rough week. Broken bones, road rash, and don’t even get me started on the cobbles. The riders have an epic 3,642km journey over the coming weeks – one certainly worthy of a toast.

With this price for quality Champagne, you can almost afford to toast liberally and often! Lanson Black Label has long been a darling of our market. This is because now, as it did when founded 1760, the company focuses on exporting champagne to foreign channels. In fact, it is known to be a favourite of Queen Elizabeth and it’s the house bubble at Wimbledon – so it’s certainly good enough for you!  Now inching its way up to $60, it still represents amazing value. A fresh nose of green apple, pear, toast and citrus leads to a lighter bodied champers with almond, apple, mineral and mild yeasty flavours. Nice lingering, elegant, balanced finish. Great in this heat, while you watch cyclists ride for 5 hours across mountains in the blazing French sun. Salut et Bonne Chance!

While cycling isn’t a big sport in Canada, we have a contender in Victoria-born Ryder Hesjedal. This young cyclist rides for the Garmin-Transitions team, has been having an excellent season and stellar first week of the tour. Follow Ryder and toast him on twitter @ryder_hesjedal.

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