Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut NV


Ok, ok – I know what you’re thinking – $100!  DRINK is recommending a $100 wine?!  But hear me out – this isn’t just any old wine, and this isn’t for just any old occasion.  This is CHAMPAGNE.  The real champagne.  Not ‘champagne’ from California.  Not ‘champagne’ you get with your $35 3-course dinner.  Authentic, true Champers comes ONLY from the Champagne region of France.  That’s it – everything else is – well – really – sparkling wine.

And the occasion for Champagne (not that I ever need a reason) is that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  And truly, there is no better way to thank mom with a toast of delicious bubble.  Nothing but the finest for mom on mother’s day! *Ahem – since I’m a mom, I like to promote this idea as oft I can*

So after delivering breakfast in bed, cleaning the house, making a card and mowing the lawn, pop open a bottle of this splendour in salmon pink.  Expressively fresh strawberry, citrus and raspberry aromas lift up out of the flute to meet you.  Elegant and full bodied, with fine mousse and notes of strawberry, cream, brioche, dark cherry and mineral and a lingering cherry-currant finish. Graceful, elegant, structured. Hmmm…. Like a certain DRINK-er….

One of the best selling rosé Champagne in the world, L-P’s Cuvée Rosé Brut is one of the few rosés still made by the saignée method – keeping skin contact with the 100% Grand Cru Vineyard Pinot Noir grapes – to produce the structured and complex rose. This traditional technique is honoured with the signature embossed bottle – a reproduction of those used in the late 17th century.

A time honoured tradition – much like celebrating mom.  Happy Mother’s Day to all ~~

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