Locally Made Valentine’s Day Chocolate: Where to Buy

Himalayan Pink Salt & Caramel Chocolates at Chocolat Chocolatière. Photo by Deanna Ladret

No holiday is as complex as Valentine’s Day, a conflict of faux indifference paired with simultaneous longing. “It’s commercialized,” we’ll say, scoffing at the hearts and the bows, while secretly hoping an admirer will observe the tradition and ‘surprise’ us nonetheless. Love can be professed with chocolate 365 days a year of course, but in Victoria’s chocolate shops, no other day is devoted as much preparation as February 14th. Here are four local chocolatiers who are ready and waiting to help you surprise your expectantly unsuspecting amour.


Chocolat Chocolatière de Victoria

If you are romancing a true chocolate aficionado, immediately drop the red & pink Smarties and head straight for Chocolat Chocolatière. Located on the busy corner of Fort and Douglas, this eclectic shop is easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of bus racing and pedestrian dodging. Once you’ve tried the handmade chocolate however, the store becomes instantly unforgettable. Daring combinations such as Angelica Coconut Cream, Himalayan Pink Salt, Thai Lemongrass, Saffron Flower, Rosebud, and Wasabi & Candied Ginger Ganache are sure to thrill even the most seasoned connoisseur. If you’re wooing somebody with an affinity for bitter chocolate with a higher cocoa content, check out Chocolat’s recently released Single Origin bars.

703 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

(250) 381-0131



Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop Co-owner Lavonne Schaddelee-Miller holding the Chocolate Rose Bouquet

The Dutch Bakery

If your lover loves marzipan or decadent confections, a Valentine’s treat from The Dutch Bakery will surely sweeten their day. This third generation family-owned bakery & cafe hand makes over 30 varieties of Belgian chocolates (including chocolate covered ginger, peanut butter cups, and caramels) alongside their famous California Almond Marzipan, available in a variety of cheerful colours and shapes. Try their decoratively packaged chocolates-on-a-chocolate-heart-plate, or ditch the red rose routine and spring for a bouquet of Dutch Bakery’s Chocolate Roses instead.

718 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

(250) 385-1012




Be Mine Lollipops at Roger's Chocolates

Roger’s Chocolates

Give your special somebody a little taste of Victoria’s history with the Roger’s classic Red Velvet Heart Box, available in 2 sizes: modest, and enormous. Inside, your sweetheart will find an assortment of Roger’s traditional fine chocolates––enough to share, if they’re so inclined. Other specialty treats include the Roger’s Valentine’s Classic Truffles, Be Mine Lollipops (available in Milk, Dark or Dark Unsweetened), and festively wrapped heart-shaped Victoria Creams. If you’re not sure what to buy, surprise your Valentine with a date to the Downtown Heritage shop and turn them loose.

913 Government Street, Victoria, BC

(250) 881-8771



Spinnakers Brewpub: Provisions Retail Store

Not that you needed another reason to go to Spinnakers, but in case you didn’t notice through the fog of your beer goggles, they do chocolate too. In-house Chocolatier Crystal Duck crafts an assortment of fair trade chocolates, including 21 different truffles. Duck’s personal favourites include The Naughty Fairy (absinthe and basil with dark chocolate), The Salt Lick (honey and sea salt from Vancouver Island Salt Company) and a classic dark chocolate rolled in cocoa. For Valentine’s Day, Duck recommends The Aphrodisiac (lavender and pepper) or her Kiss Truffles (cinnamon and chili peppers).

308 Catherine Street, Victoria, BC

(250) 386-2739




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