Lustau Solera Reserva Dry Amontillado Los Arcos N/V

Jerez, Manzanilla, Spain
$15-18 for 375ml

Once one of the most popular wines worldwide, Sherry’s had a bad rep over the past few decades. A Spanish sea-worth of cheap imposters and an aging Granny association turned it from hep drink of choice to joke of the week. Props to reputable producers getting quality product to the market – and for adventuresome drinkers giving it another try. But even those in the know might scratch their head about Amontillado. This lesser-seen variety of sherry is darker than Fino but lighter than Oloroso. This wine is partially aged under the flor yeast like the Finos, but finishes its aging without it. Amontillado takes its name from the Montilla region in Spain where it originated in the 18th Century. Emilio Lustau was founded in 1896, and is easily recognizable by the dark bottle with sloping shoulders – exclusive to the company.

Clear and bright amber in colour, this is a pungent waft of aged nuttiness, wood, and stony spice in the nose. The dry, round palate is layered with bitter walnuts & almonds, orange, iodine, molasses and spicy, salty figs. Dry and silky finish – with a positively rancio character that you’ll find addictive. This crisp Amontillado is fantástico chilled with nuts, cured meats and aged Manchego. Great value here.

*By EU law, true Sherries must only come from Jerez, the traditional home of Sherry production.

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