Glo Restaurant & Lounge Goes to the Dog for a Good Cause

The four-legged strut of dog paws hit the catwalk this month for the seventh annual Outlooks Menswear Man and His Dog Fashion Show on September 17 at Glo Restaurant and Lounge. A perfect evening for dog lovers or those that dream of an event with male models, the latest fashion and a cocktail hour. 

The Victoria Humane Society and Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue from Topley, BC will supply the rescue dog models, including the humane society’s biggest celebrity, Gus the black Lab.

Dale Olsen owner of Outlooks for Men

Dale Olsen owner of Outlooks for Men

“We take in a lot of animals that require major surgeries and we can never keep up with the medical. Right now, we have little Gus who needs thousands upon thousands of dollars to save his life. It’s non-stop,” says Penny Stone, executive director of the Victoria Humane Society.

“Gus was a four-month-old black Lab that was the size of an eight-month-old puppy, he was starving to death when we got him. He had a medical problem that hadn’t been addressed and he couldn’t swallow any food. Right now he eats sitting in a highchair,” says Stone.

Now eight months old, Gus is almost ready for adoption. He’ll be at Glo, ready for his close-up.

The Humane Society has already rescued 200 dogs since opening eight months ago. They currently have 32 dogs still needing a home.

“There’s a huge need in BC for long-term animal rehabilitation. That can’t happen in a shelter, you need a foster home environment,” says Stone, who notes the easiest dogs to care for cost at least $300. Other dogs, like Gus, can reach $10,000 in medical fees.

Funds from the event go directly to the Victoria Humane Society.

“This year we’ve added a few things this year, including a puppy petting zoo with adoptable puppies,” says Outlooks owner Dale Olsen, who currently has two rescue dogs, Becks and Stella, both from Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, a long time beneficiary of the event. “Sometimes they rescue up to 250 dogs a year. It’s a daunting job. They go through a pallet of food in no time.”

His store has hosted the event for the past six years, but they’re ready to expand and help more dogs.

Sixteen models, some walking with their own dogs, will showcase Outlooks Fall collection. “There’s going to be gorgeous men in gorgeous clothes with wonderful dogs,” says Stone.

While the event is primarily a fundraiser, the humane society also wants to educate guests about adoption and rescue dog stigmas. The adoption process includes a formal application, interview, home visit and veterinarian approval before a dog can join a family.

Stone also hopes guests keep an open mind about all the dogs, some of who have never been allowed to sleep indoors. “We also work with Maltese’s, poodles and Chihuahua’s,” notes Stone.

Tickets are $55 and include refreshments from the Glo kitchen, music and plenty of dogs and puppies. Guests can look forward to a menu of beef Carpaccio and halibut ceviche. Both the Victoria Humane Society and Turtle Gardens will have dogs available for the adoption process.


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