Masi Modello Della Venezie Bianco 2009

Veneto, Italy

You’ve heard of the Tour de France, non?  Of course, how could you not with Planet Armstrong and Livestrong and all of the YELLOW everywhere each July.  But how many follow the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy)? One of cycling’s Grand Tours, this amazing 21 day epic race takes place every May, and this year, the 93rd edition, the race has taken 22 teams of riders 3400 kilometres from the top of Italy almost down to the boot, and back up again.  I assume – like me – you’ve been following it online ( and cheering on the pink jersey (Italy’s version of yellow). So of course, you know that this amazing race ends this Sunday in Verona.

That deserves a toast.

I get tired just thinking about the race, so I need something – thirst quenching.  And I get stressed out watching the sprints, so I need something – cheap. And in honour of the Giro ending in beautiful Verona, I’ve looked to the surrounding area of Veneto for today’s drink.  Masi is an easy pick – a massive and respected producer, credited for having revolutionized the art of winemaking in the Venetian region.  And this wine is a steal – even on our market!  A blend of Garganega, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Bianco yields fresh apple and sweet peach aromas, and bright flavours of pear, white peach, citrus and bitter almond – a recurring hallmark of whites from the area. Smooth mouthfeel, lively acid and elegant balance throughout – this is a modern wine, based on the very ancient, indigenous grape Garganega.

I’m going to pair mine with – but you can try with halibut or risotto verde.  Cheers cyclists!

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