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The Med Grill has always been a favourite of Assistant Editor Colin Hynes, even before he really got into the food scene in Victoria. Just the other night he was at the Med Grill having a “Tuscan Tasting Table,” which is a 4-course dinner for a great price. He had the mission fig salad, steak with blue cheese, and a lemon crème brûlée. All of the people in the EAT office were drooling by the time he finished telling them about the meal. That’s why we reached out to Med Grill to become the newest partner of EAT’s Storehouse (our curated business directory).

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Inventive & local West Coast fusion cuisine

One of the challenges of a successful restaurant is creating fresh and interesting food while still providing something for everyone.

Executive Chef Andrew Fawcett has taken this in stride and designed an Italian, Morrocan and Spanish-influenced menu that highlights Vancouver Island produce, from herbs and fresh pasta to heirloom tomatoes and nugget potatoes.

 “It’s West Coast food, catered to everyone,” says long-time shift supervisor, Adam Ouelet. “You can always find something here.”

Med Grill’s monthly four-course Tuscan Table menu also allows Andrew to come up with new and original dishes in pace with the changing seasons — and the special menus for events like Mother’s Day add yet more options.




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