New in BC: Jever Pilsener

Lately I have been reading German detective novels by author Craig Russell. In the Jan Fabel series, set in Hamburg, Faber drinks Jever Brewery Pilsener (4.9%) beer made in nearby Friesland using Hallertau hops. Close a case, get a Jever. Chase down a bad guy, grab a Jever! Since I started reading these, I was on the look out for this particular brand of pilsener.

Now, I love a good pilsener, but this was one that I hadn’t had before and wasn’t available in BC, so I would settle for something else after I read a passage about the characters drinking Jever. That is until now! A couple of weeks ago BC allowed Jever Pilseners to be sold here. Imagine my excitement when I was at my local liquor store and spotted them on the shelves! It is a Frisian-style pilsener made with water from a hundred year old well which is soft so it allows more hops to be added. Jever has the classic taste of a light bodied pilsener, grass with citrus notes, clean, refreshing with Frisian bitter character. CSPC +316984




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