Only a few Days till Victoria Gluten Free Festival!

This upcoming week marks the start of the Victoria Gluten Free Health and Wellness Festival on the 21st. It should be a great time, with a huge kick-off for the festival. They have Dr. William Davis (author of Wheat Belly) having dinner at Be Love restaurant! He is also going to be speaking at the Victoria Conference Center on Feb. 23. You can buy tickets to go see Dr. William Davis here.


The schedule for the main day on the 22nd looks like this:

​Speaker Schedule


  • 12:00 pm to 12:20 pm: Opening address to the event in the theatre. All of the speakers will give a 60 second synopsis of their presentations
  • 12:30 pm: Cameron Moffatt – Improving your Digestion
  • 1:10 pm:   Tara & Marion – Baking Demo
  • 1:50 pm:   Dr. Jaime de Melo – Gluten Related Disorders
  • 2:30 pm:   Chef Michael (Country Grocer) – Cooking for Kids
  • 3:10 pm:   Dr. MJ Atkins & Chef Laura – Food Sensitivities & How to Test for them
  • 3:50 pm:   Elham Ansari – The Missing Link Between you & your Digestion
  • 4:20 pm:   Alexandra & Will – Fermentation Workshop

Yoga & Chi Gong Schdule


  • 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm:   Alexandra Pony – Yoga Demonstration
  • 1:40 pm to 3:10 pm: Malcolm Clark –  Relax the Body & Decrease Stress through Chi Gong
  • 3:20 pm to 5:00 pm:  Kim & Tara – How Yoga can Relax your Sympathetic Nervous System & Improve Digestion

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