Part and Parcel’s Melon Salad

I was talking to Jason Hyde of Peacock & Martin at the Victoria Wine Festival and he recommended the Melon Salad at the newly open Part and Parcel in Quadra Village. He said it was outstanding. So, when I made my first visit to the restaurant I ordered it up. It was so good I had to have the recipe to share with EAT readers.

Parcel and Parcel’s Anna and Grant Gard generously offered their recipe. Here it is—enjoy. 


Melon Salad 

(serves four)


1 Canary & 1 Charantais melon cut into 1/2 inch cubes

1 recipe salted fennel

20 julienne (as fine as possible) strips fresh serrano chile

20 sliced pickled cayenne

2 teaspoon hot sauce (we make our own) you can use your favorite medium heat hot sauce

2 tablespoon lemon juice

50ml olive oil

kosher salt to taste

2 green onion (thinly sliced on the bias)

4-5 sprig fennel fronds (picked from your head of fennel)

24 strips baton cut beef & fennel salami from Choux Choux



Gently combine above ingredients in a large bowl, check for seasoning. If it tastes awesome, divide into your favorite bowls and enjoy!


Salted Fennel

1/2 head fennel (thinly sliced) –toss with 2 teaspoon salt – let sit 10 mins – Rinse – drain well


Pickled Cayenne Peppers

15 cayenne peppers(sliced into very thin rings)


200 ml rice wine vinegar

200 ml sugar

2 T salt


Place peppers into 500ml non reactive container(mason jar) with a lid

Bring vinegar, sugar and salt to a boil, let cool and pour over peppers

Wait one week before using


Part and Parcel, 2656 Quadra St., Victoria, BC, V8T 4E4

(Note: Part and Parcel  has changed to an autumn menu but I’m told the Melon Salad will return next summer.)

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