Penticton’s Painted Rock Winery Heads to China

Penticton, BC. Painted Rock Estate Winery is pleased to announce our new long term relationship with North American Premiere Wine Shop’s in China. This story was quickly picked up by Gordon Hamilton in the Vancouver Sun and CHBC News in the Okanagan.

About North American Premiere Wine Shop

North American Premiere Wine Shop specializes in importing high-end wines. The organization has a dedicated team purchasing fine wines of different brands and different styles abroad for consumers in China. It has become the general agent or distributor for many leading Canadian and American wineries in China. The company is dedicated to promoting the wine cultures of North America and other major wine growing regions of the world, bringing the concepts of wine tasting, investment and collection to Chinese consumers, building a bridge for wineries in other countries to enter China, and connecting the wine markets of China and North America. So far, North American Premiere Wine Shop has opened four flag-ship stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and plan to open at least one stores in each province of China.

About North American Premiere Wine Shop’s underground cellar

North American Premiere Wine Shop’s underground cellar is a professional underground cellar built by Sichuan Jincheng Yihe Industrial Co., Ltd. with an investment of over RMB10 million. Equipped with the world’s most advanced temperature and humidity control systems, which are able to maintain a temperature of 12 degree Celsius and a relative humidity of about 75% all year round, the 3000sqm facility can store more than 120,000 bottles of wine in the most ideal storage conditions. The cellar also has a VIP room and 39 private chambers, which are open to outside users.

About Painted Rock Estate Winery

Named for the pictographs that border our 60 acre property, Painted Rock is singularly committed to the production of ultra premium Okanagan wines. We believe that our particular terroir and site influences present a unique opportunity to create exceptional wines worthy of the most discriminating palates.

To that end we adhere to the strictest protocols in our estate vineyards and throughout the winemaking process, employing the best modern technologies and expertise, while respecting old world traditions. Please join us in the pursuit of our passion and the creation of truly outstanding wines.

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