Peter Mertes Bree Riesling 2008

Pfalz, Germany

Happy  Victoria Day!  Today’s holiday started me thinking about wine in England – and what we could use to toast the sovereign today.  We all know of the UK love for Claret and Port – but this morning’s sunshine negated those choices. The English are also big fans of German whites, which they affectionately call Hock.

Hock sometimes refers to wine from the Rhine regions, but generally encompasses all German wine. It is short for the obsolete word hockamore – a derivative of the name of the German town of Hochheim on the Main River in the Rheingau wine region. Dating back to the 17th Century, it seems probable that Queen Victoria’s visit to Hochheim and its vineyards during harvest time in 1850 has contributed to the continued use of the term hock.

So – hock it is to toast the Queen!  And this brand new to BC Riesling makes for a fine toast indeed.  I have to admit, I was skeptical when I saw the trick pony bottle, but cynical Treve was in check when I had a taste.  Fresh and bright, with aromas and flavours of ripe green apple, lemonade and minerals.  Light bodied and off dry with a smooth, pleasing lemon finish, this will be a wonderful summertime addition to your patio party or picnic.  Screwcap appreciated!

When I researched this wine, I discovered that the bottle was designed specifically to appeal to women, and inspired by the sleek and stylish shape of a perfume bottle. Now that is wine meant for a queen.  Or at least a diva.

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