Phillips Launches Soda Works


Phillips has brewed up a new project that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. In November Phillips Soda Works launched with two naturally brewed sodas: Sparkmouth Ginger Ale and Captain Electro’s Intergalactic Root Beer. The company’s entrance into soda really stemmed from their brewing roots and ongoing fascination with flavours, combined with a desire to provide the community with a local, natural soda alternative.


Indeed their approach to the craft of soda mirrors their approach to brewing beer, as the recipes were designed from the ground up using only natural ingredients. As such, artificial flavours, colours and pre-packaged syrups were blacklisted from the soda recipe book in favour of raw, natural ingredients.
But while the team was committed to this approach in the soda program, it didn’t come without its own challenges. As recipe developer Ben Schottle put it: “Choosing to use natural ingredients made some decisions easier, but a lot more decisions harder since many ingredients were ‘off the table’ because of their artificial composition.”


As such, Schottle spent months tweaking recipes and sourcing ingredients to arrive at the balance of flavours he was after. In the end though, the folks at Phillips would have it no other way; “Yes there were certainly challenges, but it was also fun!” said owner Matt Phillips, “plus our commitment to the craft of brewing isn’t something that we do, it’s who we are.” As Sparkmouth Ginger Ale and Captain Electro’s Root Beer show, their commitment to natural ingredients is a difference you can taste. The soda is currently available at Phillips Brewery at 2010 Government St. in Victoria.



Flavoured with a complex blend of natural spices and sweetened with raw cane sugar, it’s a sweet, full-bodied trip you won’t soon forget.



Hand-mashed ginger root and raw cane sugar endow Sparkmouth with a healthy level of sweetness, balanced with just a hint of heat.  It’s freshness that sparkles.




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