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Feijoada, Quebec-style, Franks and Beans, or just good old fashion British beans and toast – let’s face it, no matter what you call them people are mad for those stewed little legumes. And Victoria is no exception to the rule! While they can be eaten simply ‘as is’, or served with a big fry-up breakfast, I think they are best eaten in the summer-time, devoured alongside the complementary accompaniments of a crisp coleslaw and wedge of sweet cornbread.

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While the summer-time heat may have you re-thinking any idea of slaving over a hot stove, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a hearty dish of home-style beans. Pig BBQ Joint offers up some of Victoria’s most beloved beans for a easy and affordable meal ($1.75 for a side). The beans, which have remained true to the original recipe from Pig’s incarnation on View Street, are comprised of three different varieties: red kidney, black turtle, and pork and beans. These are stewed in a mixture of  “caramelized onion, garlic, red peppers, and house made barbeque sauce” explains kitchen manager Richard Teves.  Rounding out the flavours of their Carolina style tangy beans are the classic southern ingredients of  brown sugar, grainy mustard, and molasses which help  “balance the sweet and sour” flavours”. And if that didn’t have your mouth watering, lets not forget is the addition of some brisket at the end for good measure.

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Pig’s beans can been enjoyed a la carte , or eaten along such other southern classics as their fried chicken or cornbread. Specials featuring the beloved beans such as the Tater Tots with Pulled Pork and Beans are always major hits, but one can always take creative liberty with the menu and muster up their own food fantasy (hello Poutine with BBQ Beans…and maybe some Pulled Pork if you’re feeling wild).

(Side note): Keep your eyes peeled for Food Network’s ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ feature of Pig in the Atrium.



Hours: 11- 10 p.m. Seven Days a Week

Location:1325 Blanshard St and Unit 129 2955 Phipps Rd

Phone: 250-590-7627 West Shore 250-590-5193 Downtown

Facebook: pigjoint

Twitter: @pigbbqjoint

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