Post Holiday Detox – Eateries with Healthy Dishes

Two of Rebar's wheatgrass shots and their drink "Party Rescue," which contains apple, pineapple, ginger and their hangover tonic. Photos by Ellie Shortt

For many, overindulgence is a common theme at this time of year. With a seemingly endless supply of sweet treats, rich roasts, and festive drinks, it’s hard to say “no”, which often leads to “oh-no,” as you crank up the calories and put a strain on your liver. As a result, many New Year’s resolutions often include some sort of healthy diet plan, and luckily for Victorians, there’s a number of options to help you restore your body to a less saturated state.


Café Bliss:

Café Bliss offers an assortment of raw and health-food selections that will give your body a much-needed boost. Kick into high gear with their Deep Green Vitality Salad containing kale, spinach, seaweed, Asian pear, walnuts, veggies and sprouts, tossed in creamy spirulina dressing. Or go for the Double Detox Super Shot containing 1 oz of wheatgrass, cranberry juice, lemon and 1 oz of E3 live (100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae, which has a number of boosting effects including restoration of overall bodily balance and health).

556 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC. (250) 590-5733


Mo:Lé Restaurant:

For a dish that has it all, try Mo:Lé’s Pro Vita Meal – an organic green salad with house vinaigrette, organic sprouts, raw sunflower seeds and cottage cheese served with organic tofu sautéed with spinach, onions, peppers and fresh tomato. For a morning-after breakfast that won’t leave you with a rotting feeling in your gut, try their Curry Tofu Scramble  – a satisfying mix of house-made curry spices with sautéed organic tofu, julienne peppers and onion, braised greens and fresh diced tomato.

554 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC. (250) 385-6653



Rebar Modern Food:

Rebar's quinoa salad with wild rice, avocado, black beans, red peppers, baby spinach, spring onion, and a chili-lime vinaigrette. In the background is their almond burger which is served on a whole-wheat bun with sprouts, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, and a sliced pickle.

Rebar’s now famous menu (thanks in part to their popular cookbook) is full of healthy options like their Almond Burger served on a whole-wheat bun, and the Quinoa Salad, full of vitamins and fat-free protein. Furthermore, their juice menu covers all of your detoxifying needs including Wheatgrass Shots and their Party Rescue drink, which includes the special hangover tonic made by Bonnie Olesko of Mystic Ridge Farm (

50 Bastion Square, Victoria BC. (250) 361-9223


Green Cuisine:

Green Cuisine has been a healthy vegetarian staple in Victoria’s Market Square for over 20 years. Their large, pay-by-weight, self serve buffet menu includes  Tempeh Salad, a hearty dish, featuring whole fermented soybeans, celery, onions, peas, garlic, basil, and tofu mayo. This is just one of the dozens of delicious offerings on daily, all of which will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied.

560 Johnson St #5, Victoria BC. (250) 385-1809


Pure Health:

Conveniently located in downtown Victoria’s Bay Centre, Pure Health is a great quick-fix alternative to burgers and fries. With a fresh salad bar, flavourful soups, and a juice list including “Detox” (parsley, spinach, carrots and ginger) or “Body Cleanser” (carrots, cucumber, and beets) you’ll no doubt find something on their menu that will give you that extra post-holidays energy boost you need.

The Bay Centre 1150 Douglas St, Victoria BC. (250) 220-4565

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