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Carly Wintschel. Photography by Joon Koo

Carly Wintschel grew up with a dedication to beauty and love and with a passion for food, and cooking has always been a big part of her life. She has fond memories of cooking with her mother, a fascination that followed her through the years and inspired her to launch Kitchening with Carly.


Carly describes the growth of her company as organic. What began as a casual love for baking beautiful treats quickly progressed into a successful business. She had been teaching elementary school for several years when she began to feel pulled back into the kitchen. As much as she loved teaching, she felt that she was missing a creative outlet. Traveling to France with her husband, she took a variety of courses and fell in love again with baking.


Carly notes that she hadn’t planned macarons to be her most successful product, but had always loved making them during her studies in France. They were the most difficult to make, and her pursuit for excellence drew her to the delicate beauties. When she returned from France, she had no idea she would be thrown directly into the booming business world right away, but “demand outweighed supply” and soon she was working full time in her kitchen creating beautiful pastries and filling special orders.


As Carly’s business grows, she still remains true to her roots, and to her passion for using food as a medium to bring people together. Appreciative of the ability of a meal to bring people together, she aspires one day to own a community hub peppered with musicians, poets, and other artisan chefs – a place where people can come for good food and better company.


By Kelsey Vicars


Produced by CASSIA Creative.  

Photo Editing by Jongki Jeon 

Make-up by Elie Sehwang Kim 

Kitchen Supplies by Gourmet Warehouse

Shooting Location is at Vancouver Urban Winery







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