Quails’ Gate Releases 2008 Pinot Noir Dijon Clone

SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 –Quails’ Gate Winery released it’s limited production, new label, Pinot Noir Dijon Clone Selection, Vintage 2008.  Numerically embossed, the vintage totals 2640 bottles (750ml) with alimit of 2 bottles per purchase.   At $55.00, this wine is already selling fast.  It is available only through the wine-shop or online at quailsgate.com.

“This wine represents an exclusive blend of the best and oldest Pinot Noir Dijon Clones from our estate” says winery proprietor Tony Stewart.  “We’re celebrating 50 Years of growing grapes in 2011 so it was the ideal occasion to release this coveted wine.”

In 1996, the winery planted the first Pinot Noir Dijon clones in Canada.  This rooted the noble vine in Canada, establishing Quails’ Gate in the company of the best Pinot Noir producers in the world.   Quails’ Gate’s Pinot Noir Dijon Clone Selection 2008 is blended from 12 year old, well-attended, Dijon clone vines 115 and 667.  On pour, the intensity of the cherry bright ripe fruit dominates the first impressions of this wine.  It has an exceptional long finish, which shows promise ahead for aging potential.

Quails’ Gate has the optimal site for growing Pinot Noir; hence the numerous national and international accolades that the winery has received over the years for its Pinot Noir and other Burgundy rooted viniferous.

The volcanic soils of the Boucherie slopes provide the rugged, well-drained and nutrient rich terrior that best suits the Pinot Noir varietal.  That coupled with the Okanagan’s low annual rain falls, longer sunny days and cool nights, certainly provides a unique and beneficial growing conditions for this “high maintenance” varietal.  It is a varietal that needs specifics to grow perfectly as it does at Quails’ Gate.

The release of this limited production – Pinot Noir Dijon Clone Selection – is a first ever for Quails’ Gate. Its followers will be those “Pinot Affectionatos” that muse over the tender, intricate and isolating qualities of this commonly referred to “heart-break” grape varietal.


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