Rancho Vignola – Vancouver Island Harvest Sale

Rancho Vignola – New Crop Nuts & Dried Fruit is hosting its annual Vancouver Island Harvest Sale on November 27th and 28th at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre.

As you may expect, we are adapting our community Harvest Sales in 2020 to the COVID-19 reality in order to keep you, our customers, as well as our staff as safe as possible.

As well as offering a pre-order option for pick up at the sale, we will be implementing the following protocols for everyone’s well-being:

Limit of 50 people in attendance at any given time, including staff.

Increased sanitization.

Contact tracing will be in place and we will ask for the name and phone number of one person in your party.

Masks are appreciated.

Please, physical distance, keeping two metres from other customers.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer demos or product sampling of any kind (sorry, we know many of you love this aspect of our community Harvest Sales, and we hope to reintroduce it in future years!).

While some things are changing, many things will remain the same. You will still be able to purchase products in any of our available pack sizes, including 1 lb (455 g), 2 lb (910 g) and 5 lb (2.275 kg), as well as full cases. There is also a great selection of our Gourmet Gifts for tasty Christmas gift-giving ideas!

To make your visit as streamlined as possible, for 2020 we will have our price list available for download ahead of time, found online at the Harvest Sales page. Our customers will be able to arrive prepared, or even drop off their completed order form ahead of time directly to the Mary Winspear Center.  Pre-orders will be picked and ready at a designated area, for convenient collection at the sale.

Rancho Vignola is family owned and operated, based in the Okanagan, and is celebrating its 40th anniversary! Founded on the sourcing quality nuts, Rancho has built and maintained strong relationships with producers, priding themselves on being a direct link from the farm to your community. They have travelled far and wide, visiting with farmers and processors, learning about growing practices and establishing positive relationships with the people who grow our food. Rancho Vignola is fully committed to fair trade principles and valid certification of organic products, wherever they are grown. They have many wonderful growers to thank for the wide variety of quality, wholesome products offered.
Rancho Vignola has a strong, established customer base that orders online through the wholesale harvest program, available every September — stocking up the pantry for the year ahead with confidence, familiar with the consistent quality and freshness of the products. November Harvest Sales are an opportunity for a wide audience of new and existing customers to come and learn more about each product. “A walnut should never be bitter,” states Cloe Vignola, “it should be buttery and creamy. Due to high oil content, the walnut, like many other nuts has a short shelf life if not stored correctly; this is why it is important to know that it is fresh when you buy it. Lots of walnuts out there are being sold already stale. What we recommend when buying our walnuts at harvest is to put them in the freezer right away. This way you can guarantee you won’t ruin a perfectly good carrot cake with offensive bitter little nuggets.” Freshness really makes a difference when it comes to quality foods.

Can’t make it to the Sidney Rancho Vignola Harvest Sale this year? Check out our online Harvest Sale starting in December.

Either in person or online, experience the Harvest Sale and know that the products were grown this very summer, and enjoy the sweetness of a natural mango, dried just at the peak of its ripeness and the buttery creaminess of our walnuts in your home and recipes.


Who: Rancho Vignola

What: Annual New Crop Nuts & Dried Fruit Sale

When:  November 27 – 28, 2020

Where: Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney

Why: fill up your pantry with the best nuts, seeds, & dried fruit, quality confections, gift packages



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