Readying the Bees

Helen Kennedy has reason to smile. Spring is an exciting time of renewal for this Kelowna beekeeper and recently published author of Honey for Your Health: Recipes from Arlo’s Honey Farm. For someone whose daily life revolves around her industrious bees, the winter is a much-needed and yet seemingly interminable time of separation.

Helen’s spring days involve readying her army of bees by un-winterizing their hives, checking for food supply and for the start of a brood. The honey they produce is efficiently jarred and stock-piled for Helen’s stand at the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market (the largest farmers’ market in the Interior of BC).

Between tending to her bees, readying her jars of honey, entering (and winning) competitions crowning her honey “Best in BC,” and promoting her recently published book, Helen’s days seem to echo the diligent buzzing of her hives. “I can’t help but love this season,” Helen beams as she replaces a healthy frame of bees into its hive. “It’s all coming alive again, starting fresh. Pretty soon the bees will be pollinating all the plants around us. It’s the ultimate assurance that life unfolds as it should.”

Article from Tourism Kelowna. Photo courtesy of Arlo’s Honey Farm, taken by Christina Symons.

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