Recreating the historic Victoria Cocktail for the present

The Victoria Cocktail hasn’t made a comeback yet but I think it is time for one. This recipe is from a copy from the British Columbia Distillery Company in New Westminster. An obscure text that had no publication date and a long list of “products”.  From my research it appears that the British Columbia Distillery Company was a branch of the BC Liquor Board that created and bottled liquors and liqueurs for government liquor stores.

The Victoria Cocktail was listed along with many classic cocktails and variations on other classics. To recreating this classic, I looked to the explosion of local spirits in recent months and included Ampersand Gin and Unsworth Solera. Both showcase the local cocktail scene and create a dynamic, complex cocktail that will impress any Manhattan or sweet Martini lover.


Victoria Cocktail

1 1/2oz Ampersand Gin

3/4 oz Unsworth Solera port style wine

1/4 oz simple syrup

Dash of orange bitters


Stir & strain with an orange twist


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one of the most recognized bartenders in his homeland of Australia at the time, and relocated here for love with the city’s honest and unpretentious food and drinks (and for his lovely now-wife). In his years here, Shawn has ...

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