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When I was a child, protein powders were a rare commodity, consumed only by hardcore bodybuilders. Today, in our time-crunched, health-conscious culture, these convenient powders have become ubiquitous—popping up everywhere from health food stores to the local neighborhood market. They’ve also gone mainstream—everyone from Grandmas to texting tweens relies on them to help meet their daily protein requirements.

While recognizing their usefullness is easy, finding one made from quality biovailable protein sources that is palatable and easy to mix and digest, is a daunting task. Many of the protein powders I’ve tried have been sickly-sweet, chalky mixes that were difficult to blend with liquids, let alone enjoy. What’s more, they’ve left me feeling bloated or just well, unwell. Furthermore, there are a plethora of protein powders that try to mask their inferior flavor and texture with the addition of unhealthy synthetic flavorings, “thickeners” and refined sugars.

Thankfully I have discovered one that ticks all the right boxes. Sprouted Protein, a new plant-based protein powder from Iron Vegan is not only delicious and easy to mix, it’s also remarkably easy to digest and, as I like to call it—“bloat proof”. Made in Canada from raw, organic non-gmo sprouted brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, pumpkin seeds and apple pectin (the flavored varieties are lightly sweetened with organic stevia) , each ingredient in the mix is 3rd party tested for contaminants and freshness to ensure optimum quality.

The powder comes in 3 flavors—plain, Vanilla and Chocolate—each one providing 17-18grams of quality protein per scoop and scrumptious in its own right. I tried the Vanilla variety and instantly fell in love with it. Seriously, this protein powder has such a delightful taste, I found myself literally “craving” it with the same fervor I usually retain for hazelnut gelato or dark chocolate. I was further impressed by its texture. When mixed with liquids like water or almond milk, it becomes almost velvety—with nary a lump! The key to this palate pleasing texture could be the powder’s apple pectin, which acts as a natural “thickener”. That’s not the only benefit this additional ingredient provides—studies show apple pectin can also help lower cholesterol, keep blood sugar levels steady and help prevent deadly colon cancer. Clearly the folks at Iron Vegan had both optimal nutrition AND taste and texture as top priorities when they formulated Sprouted Protein ! They didn’t forget digestibility either—sprouting grains and seeds helps break down antinturients in the plants and renders their protein bioavailable. In plain English, it results in proteins that are utilized by the body with ease and efficiency.

With taste and nutrition covered, let’s take a look at how versatile this product is. I made a variety of tasty treats using Sprouted Protein as a “base”. I mixed it with Greek yogurt and dates to make a satisfying dessert “pudding”; added it to muffin, cookie, pancake and quick bread batters, blended it with coconut butter, shredded coconut, dried apricots and toasted buckwheat to make crunchy “energy balls” and of course, whipped it up with almond milk and frozen fruit to make some delicious “post-workout” smoothies. The possibilities are literally as limitless as your creativity and the internet is awash with various innovative ways to use protein powders should you run out of inspiration. I am so smitten with Sprouted Protein, it has become my new “kitchen muse” and I am still happily experimenting with it on a daily basis! Next up on my experiment list is utilizing the unflavored variety in my pizza dough! Clearly, this high-quality, made in Canada protein powder is a winner – one that I can recommend; both as a nutritionist, and as a “fervent foodie”, without reservation.


Available in Victoria @ Lifestyle Markets and Popeye’s on Douglas St.

In Vancouver @ Your Vitamin Store and Fuel SVN

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