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At the Duncan market. Photos c/o Salish Sea Salt

Born of a dream to live a sustainable life and contribute positively to her local economy, Jessical Abel has created a local BC artisan business worth its salt. Salish Sea Salt founder Abel and her partner harvest seawater by small boat from the Salish Sea and convert it into beautiful artisan culinary and bath salts.


Just how does one “make” salt?


It all starts with a day on the water collecting small batches of seawater. After the heavy lifting is through, the water is transferred into large pots to boil for a few days over propane burners. When the water is evaporated, the salty brine is infused with local herbs and ingredients. As the the briny water turns into salt crystals it is then roasted to remove excess moisture and add a soft roasted flavour.  Finally, the finished salt is packaged in reusable tins and is ready to season your next dish.


Why choose local salt?


Beyond the good feelings that local markets and sustainable products evoke, local artisan sea salt may actually be healthier for you.  “Healthy bodies need salt,” says Abel. “Just think back to Biology 12.”  Unrefined sea salt in moderation does not have the same effect on blood pressure as convention table salt. Sea salt may also benefit the skin due to its natural antiseptic properties.


But it goes further than biology.  Conventional table salt is heavily refined and this process results in the loss of health promoting micronutrients. Additionally, additives like iodine and anti-caking agents are included leaving the end product less pure, and – most concerning to foodies – less flavourful.


While you can easily replace your table salt with pure sea salt, Salish Sea Salts provides several infusions like: rosemary infused sea salt, chili garlic infused seas salts, smash peppercorn sea salts and new line of smoked sea salts.


Watch for Salish Sea Salts as your local farmers market this Spring or check out


By Candice Suchocki Weir


Foe recipes using Salish Sea Salts check out the recipe section on their website



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