Searching for Victoria’s Coziest Café: Wild Coffee

A cup of Wild Coffee's staff favourite (a mocha with peppermint sprinkles), with the cozy seating area in the background. Photos by Ellie Shortt

Even though Victorians generally don’t experience the sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms that most of Canada is accustomed to at this time of year, you still can’t help but yearn for snugly environments during mid winter days.  This may be especially true as you run around boxing week, frantically trying to snag some great deals, and need a place to rest your feet and grab a caffeine or sugar hit.


For a downtown café that suits all your seasonal needs, pop by Wild Coffee. This conveniently located rest-stop has rustic furniture, homey décor (some of which is made my local artists and can be purchased), and naturally some delicious hot drinks such as the staff favourite, a rich café mocha with peppermint sprinkles. They even have a big screen TV playing the “Holiday Log” to give the impression that you’re nestled deep within a rustic ski lodge.


In addition to the aforementioned amazing mocha, Wild offers white coffee beans, which are baked rather than roasted, resulting in a tan coloured bean. These white coffee beans are smaller and much harder than a roasted bean, and yield a sweet and subtle flavour with nutty, tea-like undertones. For a winter treat, baristas at Wild recommend asking for their white beans with one of their coconut or hazelnut lattes.


A collection of Wild Coffee's hookahs, which can be enjoyed by anyone 18+, between the hours of 6pm and 12am Mon-Sat and 6pm-10pm on Sundays.

Another unique aspect of Wild is that they offer hookahs. Using only pure herbal shisha, Wild’s hookah experience is tobacco, nicotine and tar free, and with the latest installation of some heavy-duty air purifiers, you won’t bother your neighbour as you puff away.


Comfy décor, delicious drinks and the wonderfully warming activity of hookah, Wild Coffee is truly one of downtown Victoria’s coziest cafes.


Wild Coffee: 632 Yates, Victoria BC. (250) 590-8585



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