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The editors of EAT would like to welcome the Similkameen Wineries Association to the Storehouse. We’ve always loved the Similkameen Valley with its combination of outdoor activities, great food and high quality wineries. It’s a wonderful place to visit, tour and stay. And the annual Similkameen BBQ King competition is a perennial favourite with EAT readers in the Exceptional Eats Awards.

There are nine wineries in the association producing wines ranging from elegant and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc to much sought after Pinot Noir to rich and lush Meritage reds… and more.  Similkameen wines are available at the winery or at good wine shops around British Columbia. We’re so lucky in BC to have such wonderful wine regions—and the Similkameen is one of our top picks. Read on to hear more and pick up a bottle or two and try them with dinner tonight. —EAT Editors

Soak up the sunshine and dare to dream while meandering through the vineyards of the family-run boutique wineries of the Similkameen. Sip award-winning wines with the winemakers while learning about their love of the land in one of the hot spots for grape and fruit wine in British Columbia. Discover for yourself why this special little wine region was named by enRoute Magazine as “one of the world’s 5 best wine regions you’ve never heard of!” This little patch of vineyards and orchards in the hot, dry and sunny Similkameen Valley is turning out some stunning grape and fruit wines.

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There are currently over 600 acres of vineyards in the Similkameen and a large number of orchards. In fact, the region is considered to be the organic farming capital of Canada with an estimated 42% of all crops grown organically. This is due to the ideal conditions of dry heat, long hours of sunlight and the famous wind that whips through the valley keeping out pests and diseases. The Similkameen Valley has been growing fruit and grapes for many years, but it is only recently that there has been a rapid expansion in the number of wineries. Prior to this, many of the grapes were sold to Okanagan wineries and contributed to a number of award winning wines. Now the awards are piling up for wineries in the Similkameen! Hundreds of medals have been awarded to Similkameen wineries over the past few years. On the second Saturday each July, we join together for a very special event called the Similkameen BBQ King. Guests enjoy an extraordinary summer evening savouring the award-winning wines from nine of the Similkameen wineries and nine distinguished chefs who are vying for the title of Similkameen BBQ King.

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