Sogrape Vinhos de Portugal Gazela Vinho Verde

Vinhos Verde, Northern Portugal

Yesterday, at the World Cup, Portugal crushed North Korea 7-0 in the biggest rout of the tournament.

Today, in the Wine Cup, Portugal crushes all competitors in the white wine shootout.

I know, I know – it’s what on the inside that counts (thanks mom).  But this stunning bottle is temptation enough to buy!  Luckily, the juice inside is delightfully drinkable too. Refreshing and zesty, with a slight touch of lively spritz on the palate, this light bodied blend has crisp citrus, mineral, green apple and a touch of sweet gooseberry and mild melon. A low alcohol content (9 percent) ups the quaffing quotient.  Buy by the case, drink while fresh!

Pair with a garden party – these colourful bottles can be prominently displayed as the artful centrepiece. Complement this lemony white with fresh, local shellfish or a citrus dressed salad.

Vinho Verde [VEE-nyoh VEHR-deh] translates as “green wine”, referring not to the colour, but to the fresh youthfulness. Gazela is a blend of traditional Vinho Verde wine varietals – Loureiro, Pedernã, Trajadura and Azal.

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