Solstice Cafe’s Hot Chocolate made with Denman Island Chocolate

Good equipment is important. We use 70% cocoa, organic chocolate from Denman Island Chocolates. it must be melted slowly in a heavy pot to prevent burning.
We use a ceramic lined cast iron pot, but anything with a thick base
should be okay. The next most important and only other ingredient is milk.
We use organic whole milk. Alternatively, soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk
are all available at Solstice, with the homemade almond milk being
our favourite as the flavours pair very well together. We add a scoop of melted chocolate (3 – 6 tbsp, depending on taste) into a cup or so of milk and steam it with our espresso machine (it’s very difficult to blend completely without a good steamer). For an extra treat, top it with whip cream (unsweetened and organic)
and chocolate shavings (same great chocolate as above).

We also serve a Mayan Hot Chocolate,” which is the same as above,
but with a teaspoon of hot chili oil added before steaming, and cinnamon
and nutmeg sprinkled on top instead of whip cream and chocolate shavings.

About Solstice Cafe

“Solstice café came about as the fulfillment of a dream and as such embodies the spirit of its creator, David Cardinal. David chooses to sell only organic, fair-trade coffee and tea, made with organic sugar, chocolate, dairy and soy milk and light lunches and snacks made with organic and/or locally grown and produced foods; in making these choices David strives to help protect the environment and stimulate growth on the island.

The cafe is also being used to showcase local musical talent, improv theatre, poetry readings and as a space for philosophy cafe. The walls of the cafe are used as a gallery to display the works of local photographers both amateur and professional.

Come in, relax and help us change the world for the better, one coffee at a time!”

Click here to visit Solstice Cafe online.

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