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Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub and Guesthouse's Paul Hadfield

Before starting up Canada’s first licensed in-house brewpub over 20 years ago, Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub and Guesthouse owner, Paul Hadfield, was an architect. When reflecting upon his trailblazing accomplishments in the microbrew community, Hadfield fondly refers to his past profession, saying that “architects are taught not to escort conventional wisdom” – something he truly adheres to when coming up with new concepts for their innovative selection of artisanal products. Included in an impressive array of brew-inspired jellies, chocolates and baked goods, are Spinnakers vinegars.


What has now grown into a well-developed collection, actually began by mistake. Hadfield recalls the day when he was cleaning out old bottles from his cellar and a scent of vinegar caught his attention. After some investigation, Hadfield discovered that the captivating aroma originated from a not-so-empty Hefeweisen bottle. Because Hefeweisen isn’t always on their menu, Hadfield decided to try his hand at making vinegars out of their more consistent beers and landed upon his first creation, the Scottish Malt Vinegar. This continues to be their most traditional tasting variety and is a great addition to the Brewpub’s popular fish and chips.


Being as passionate about food as he is about beer, Hadfield and his team have come up with a number of vinegars that pair nicely with the pub’s locally inspired food.  Their Mint Infused Malt Vinegar goes well with lamb and offers clean, bright acidic notes that bring out the flavour of the meat. The Indian Pale Ale Vinegar is a lighter variety, similar to white or rice wine vinegar, and is a nice citrusy addition to fresh oysters. Their floor vinegar is a top seller, and like balsamic vinegar, is served at tables with olive oil as a dip for focaccia bread. And if your meal’s acetic accompaniment turned out to be the star of the show, you can take a bottle (or two) home with you from their retail store, conveniently located at the front of their pub – true architectural brilliance.


Artisan crafted vinegars for sale: Scottish Ale Malt Vinegar, India Pale Ale Malt Vinegar, Barley Wine Malt Vinegar, Mint Infused Malt Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Cider, Belgian Abbey Ale Vinegar, Scottish Malt Vinegar, India Pale Ale Malt Vinegar and more depending seasonal availability. $7.95 – $8.95 per bottle


Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub and Guesthouse: 308 Catherine Street Victoria, BC (250) 386-2739 www.spinnakers.com


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