Cocktails for Spring and Summer

After months of enduring a wet and windy winter, Victorians are rejoicing in the return of the sun and the ever-extending hours of daylight. Spring is in the air and the city is teaming with lush green foliage, the hum of lawnmowers, and the charming melody of little city birds. While it is the perfect time to enjoy a local park, or bike along Dallas Road, it is also happens to be the beginning of patio season, outdoor potlucks, and barbeques with friends. To aid all your hosting needs, we asked five local bartenders for their favourite spring refreshers, and here is what they came up with.

Kyle Guilfoyle, Little Jumbo

Named after the address of the millennial cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants, this cocktail blends the winter flavours of cinnamon and vanilla, with the summer flavours of pineapple, coconut, and serrano chili to make for a unique, spring-inspired cocktail.


124 Conch St.

4 pineapple ice cubes (Made by freezing pineapple juice in an ice cube tray.)

45 ml serrano-infused Cachaca (Made by infusing Cachaca with a sliced serrano chili, tasting every five minutes until desired heat is reached).

30 ml fresh lemon juice

20 ml vanilla liqueur, such as Giffard’s

10 ml cinnamon bark syrup (Made by boiling a 1:1 ration of sugar and water with a cinnamon stick, broken up into 10 pieces to increase surface area. Simmer gently for 30 minutes.)

1 oz. coconut water



Shake up all the ingredients except the coconut water in a Boston shaker. Pour all the contents into a glass (including the pineapple ice), top with an ounce of coconut water, and garnish with a cinnamon stick.


Little Jumbo
506 Fort Street
Website Little Jumbo
Twitter: @LittleJumboBC
Facebook: Little Jumbo YYJ

Ken Gifford, Veneto

Inspired by the fruits and flowers of spring, this cocktail combines the fruity and fresh violet-imbued Pisco with dry Curaçao and a cranberry and red wine gastrique for a berry-rich acidity. The addition of lemon and Chamomile Bitters increase the floral notes and lemony zing


The Royal Victoria Lawn Bowling Club

2 oz. Pisco Brandy (such as El Gobernador Chilean Pisco)

1 oz. Dry Curacao

1.2 oz. cranberry and red wine gastrique (Made by reducing a red wine vinegar and adding cranberries)

3 dashes lemon and Chamomile Bitters

1.2 oz. fresh lemon juice



Shake all ingredients in a Boston shaker, strain, and serve.
1450 Douglas Street
Website: Veneto Dining
Facebook: Veneto Lounge

Logans Pub Mint Julep

Logans Pub Mint Julep

Justine Best, Logan’s Pub

That southern sipper, the Mint Julep, is normally made with lime juice, but due to their recent cost increase, the folks at Logan’s Pub switched up the classic. The use of lemon juice instead of lime makes this summer classic perfect for spring.


Mint Julep

6 fresh mint leaves, plus more for garnish

1 oz. Wild Turkey Bourbon

1 oz. simple syrup

a squeeze of lemon juice

soda water

ice cubes



Combine the six mint leaves and the Bourbon in a Collins glass and muddle together until the  mint is lightly bruised. Top with some ice, the simple syrup, a squeeze of lemon, and fill up with soda water. Garnish with the remaining sprig of mint.

Logan’s Pub
1821 Cook Street
Website: Logans Pub
Facebook: Logans Pub
Twitter: @logansvictoria

Keegan Coates, The Mint

The clean flavour of citrus is combined with autumn fruits to make for an earthy and crisp flavoured cocktail. Pairing well with some barbequed poultry and tender spring salad greens, this beverage makes for a perfect patio sipper.


Apples to Oranges

1 oz. Brugal

1/2 oz. Pimms

1/4 oz. Calvados

1/2 oz. lemon juice

3 dashes Orange Twisted Bitters

1 oz. Moscato



Shake all ingredients in a Boston shaker, strain and serve.


The Mint
1414 Douglas Street
Web: The Mint
Facebook: Mint4Lunch
Twitter: @TheMintVictoria

Erin Savory, Glo Restaurant & Lounge

The British, warm weather favourite, Pimms, provides a subtle flavouring of spices and citrus fruit to this refreshing cocktail. With the addition of the bold Limoncello and fresh thyme, the cocktail is lifted to new highs of sweet and sour with a delicate hint of savoury.


Lemon Thyme Pimms Cooler (pictured topmost on page)

1 oz. Pimms No.1

1/2 oz. Elderflower Liqueur

1/2 oz. Limoncello

1 oz. fresh lemon juice

1 oz. simple syrup

soda water to top



Combine all the ingredients in a small rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a sprig of thyme and a wedge of lemon.


Glo Restaurant and Lounge
104 – 2940 Jutland Rd
Web: Glo Victoria
Facebook: GloVictoriaBC
Twitter: @GloVictoria

—Sophie MacKenize

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