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4512 West Saanich Rd. V8Z 3G4
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Opening a restaurant is one thing, but building a neighbourhood favourite is another — and doing it while still appealing to Victoria’s tourist crowds is a real coup. Med Grill is one of Vancouver Island’s most trusted restaurants having served fresh, creative and well-made dishes under the same ownership for nearly twenty years. Whether it’s a birthday, working lunch, or family dinner, Med Grill offers a classy yet comfortable atmosphere with great value and friendly, professional service.

A historic 100 year-old home makes for a warm, inviting feel

Med Grill was established in 1997 in the 100-year-old Old Saanich Municipal Hall, a heritage building which originally hosted the city’s police headquarters and jail. The renovation kept the original chimney and much of the building’s character while adding a warm, Mediterranean feel.

The dining room features a gas fireplace and stone floors that keep things warm in the winter, and in summer the wraparound patio is decorated with planters of bright flowers for a cheery and festive vibe. It’s all a great pairing for the Med Grill’s innovative feature menus and unique West Coast cuisine.


Inventive & local west coast fusion cuisine

One of the challenges of a successful restaurant is creating fresh and interesting food while still providing something for everyone.

Executive Chef Andrew Fawcett has taken this in stride and designed an Italian, Morrocan and Spanish-influenced menu that highlights Vancouver Island produce, from herbs and fresh pasta to heirloom tomatoes and nugget potatoes.

 “It’s West Coast food, catered to everyone,” says long-time shift supervisor, Adam Ouelet. “You can always find something here.”

Med Grill's monthly four-course Tuscan Table menu also allows Andrew to come up with new and original dishes in pace with the changing seasons — and the special menus for events like Mother's Day add yet more options.




A host of regulars, both patrons and staff

With everything crafted in-house, the Med Grill kitchen is uniquely equipped to make allowances for allergies and dietary needs, and the staff are committed to making sure your meal goes smoothly.

"The answer is always yes," says Adam. "The menu is varied and the kitchen is so accommodating."

The restaurant is also proud o host a number of regular patrons wo make Med Grill their go-to spot."

"The Uptons have been coming in at 7:30 on Friday night for ten years" says server Ashley Murray, a Med Grill employee since 2006. "We also have a lot of longtime employees," she says. "It feels like a second home."


Check out Yelp, Urbanspoon and Tripadvisor to take a look at the Med Grill’s many reviews, and call in anytime to book your table. Who knows? It might just become your second home too.

Med Grill Executive Chef Andrew Fawcett


Chef Andrew is no stranger to Med Grill. Only a few years after the restaurant opened, Andy was hired on as a pizza delivery driver, doing prep work and making dough. “That didn’t last too long,” says Andy. “I wanted to be part of the crew and stay inside the restaurant.” Starting with dishwashing, he moved through all the positions in the kitchen, attended Camosun college on an internship and became Executive Chef at age 24. “I have a good loyalty towards this place. Becoming head chef, I just knew it was something I really wanted to do.”

Andy’s cooking is heavily inspired by the Mediterranean and focuses on the age-old techniques of grilling, pan searing and braising. “I feel the flavour profile hits the clientele and style we have here.” He experiments with spicing and saucing across different proteins and to find new and original combinations, though with his long history at Med Grill, he’s keenly aware of the regulars’ favourites. His Thai Curry Pasta, for example, is a definite staple. “We’ve changed the sauce to gluten free and made a more authentic curry with coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass and mango purée, hitting the same flavour notes but bringing it into the more modern time.”

As an avid green thumb, Chef Andrew takes local food seriously and is always committed to representing Vancouver Island through his choice of suppliers. For more on Andy, check out his upcoming EAT article on home gardening!

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Press /Accolades/Awards

  • “Friendly service, good sangria, and affordable food that tastes phenomenal. We keep coming back!” -Caitlin McCooey, Facebook reviewer
  • “I have been coming to this restaurant for about 12 or so years now.... I have probably been there at least 30-40 times maybe even more, I've lost count. Never once have I been even close to disappointed.” -Clayton E. – Yelp reviewer
  • Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014
  • “Great service, great food and presentation and very accommodating to one of our party who has Celiacs disease and is gluten free.” –Lesley F, Tripadvisor reviewer