Summer Dining in the Okanagan: Cedar Creek, Buy the Sea and Soban

I had the pleasure of attending Cedar Creek Winerys first of their Summer Dining Series with visiting Chef Angus An from Vancouver’s well-know Thai restaurant, Maenam. It was a wonderful evening with outstanding food, matched with Cedar Creek winery’s award winning wines. The event did a good job of showcasing how BC wines can be an excellent match for Thai cuisine. The evening started with appetizers which included wild baja prawn cakes, and out of this world carmelized chicken with pineapple matched brilliantly with the 2010 Riesling. The sit-down dinner included starters of crispy fish cake salad, paired with the 2010 Ehrensfelser and a delicious hot and sour soup of sablefish and turmeric paired with the 2010 Pinot Gris. Dinner was coconut braised beef rib, paired with the 2o10 Rose and a northern style steam curry of maple hills chicken paired with a wonderful treat- the Platinum Merlot 2007.  Dessert – a plate of Thai fruit was like taking an exotic trip to Thailand and for many a first time trying these exotic fruits -a definite crowd pleaser. Highlight of the evening was tasting Cedar Creek Winery’s first Rose made from 100% Pinot Noir.  At a price point of $17.90 and with one Gold medal already under it’s cork, this summer sipper will definitely be sold out so get it while you can.   Next up for Cedar Creek Winery’s summer dinners- Canadian Angus Gourmet Burgers with live music from the High Bar Gang. Visit their website for more information.

Fresh Seafood plus fish & chips arrives in West Kelowna













Customers check out the new Buy the Sea shop in Kelowna, credit: Claire Sear



I stopped by Buy the Seas newly opened second location in West Kelowna. With a sleekly designed shop, West Kelowna can now get fabulous fresh seafood as well as fish & chips to eat-in or take-out. West Kelowna’s Governors Landing is becoming a food destination with newly opened Clancy’s Meat Store next door.

Soban Korean Bistro

Proof that the Okanagan’s culinary scene is coming of age.  Once upon time in the Okanagan, Greek food was considered exotic and a daring place to go for dinner. Today, the newcomer is Korean, the new darling of Asian cuisine. This week I dined at Kelowna’s Soban Korean Bistro and the food is wonderful along with the modern minimalist design of the restaurant. I enjoyed the sampler plate which consisted of Kimchi-(traditional pickled condiment-spicy) accompanied with B-bop a.k.a Bibimbop -rice based with lots of vegetables and dressing with your choice of beef , chicken or tofu and nuts.  Take the B-bop, mix in the Kimchi and eat with a spoon. Pajon (seafood pancake) with a delightful dipping sauce. The Jopchae (sweet potato noodles, beef strips, egg, wood ear, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and green beans) was delicious.  If it’s hip in La La land, aka Los Angeles, you can bet that the Soban Tacos will also gain a strong following in the Okanagan.  If you can’t be a movie star, you can at least eat like one. Open for lunch and dinner.

– by EAT Okanagan reporter, Claire Sear


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