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Whistler chocolate_1DESSERTS

There’s no shortage of delectable indulgences available for you to enjoy within the city’s restaurants, bakeries, and speciality shops, and while this list doesn’t even begin to cover the huge array of options Victoria has to offer, there’s certainly enough to get your mouth-watering.






Jam 1Jam Cafe
Pan Fried Oatmeal

Call me crazy, but there’s room for dessert at breakfast – in fact, Jam Café has combined dessert and breakfast into one unbelievably succulent dish. This breakfast-dessert fusion is a wonderful way to incorporate something sweet into this most important meal of the day. The pan fried oatmeal is topped with blueberry sauce and lemon curd which battle back and forth in your mouth for attention. This meal is sure not to disappoint and, if you feel like a whole order is too ambitious, it’s  great to share with a friend. Maybe a sweet start to Valentine’s Day?
542 Herald St



Belmiros 2Belmiros
Hot Truffle Chocolate Cake

Chocolate. Chocolate. Oh, did I mention chocolate? This decadent chocolate dessert commands attention every time it enters the dining room. With just the delicate touch of a fork, this warm cake gives way to a flowing chocolate center. A single scoop of Mario’s Chantilly Cream gelato melts overtop, cutting through this rich dessert, and the generous chunk of peanut brittle adds some crunch to the hot and cold perfection. Come prepared to order this irresistible dessert and allow the kitchen 12 minutes to bake it to perfection.
777 Douglas St



Macaron 1Bon Macaron Patisserie
Selection of Flavourful Macarons

Leave it to two France natives to find a macaron-shaped hole in Victoria’s dessert scene; and thank goodness they did. Owners David Boetti and Yann Fougere grew up with this scrumptious, bite-sized dessert and they’re spreading the macaron love with 22 unique and delicious flavours— wasabi white chocolate, mango, and lavender chocolate to name just a few. Each of their flavours will capture your attention and your imagination while satisfying your taste buds with that combination of soft meringue and tasty filling.
1012 Broad St




Vista 18 1Vista 18eatmagad2_1
Sticky Fig Pudding

The only thing that could possibly cause you to avert your eyes from the spectacular views while dining high in Vista 18 are their house-made sweet endings. The Sticky Fig Pudding made its way onto their seasonal dessert menu, thanks to its ability to warm you from the inside out on the chilliest of days, and the delicious local figs they bring in by the barrel. This baked, sticky coffee cake is topped with a vanilla crème anglaise that melts into the warm, gooey pudding center. Yum!
740 Burdett Ave



Terrazzo 1Il Terrazzo

Whether you’re a long time lover of this classic Italian dessert or a newcomer to the tiramisu game, you’re going to want to set your sights on Il Terrazzo’s authentic offering. Their pastry chefs carefully construct this beautifully layered dessert—comprised of espresso and liqueur soaked ladyfingers, Marsala, mascarpone cream, and cocoa. With just one bite, it is easy to see why it is one of this busy restaurant’s most popular desserts; your fork will cut through this cake with complete ease and the light and fluffy mascarpone is absolute perfection.
555 Johnson St




Bubby Rose's 1Bubby Rose’s Bakery
Special Dietary Desserts

It seems impossible to avoid dietary restrictions these days and, while many feel left out in the world of desserts because of these issues, Bubby Rose’s Bakery is determined to offer desirable desserts for everyone. Amongst their spread you will find desserts suitable for those with gluten allergies and celiac disease, diabetics, and people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Their flourless chocolate tart was the first gluten free dessert to make its way into their display case of tasty treats and was certainly a great way to start – this dessert is not just for those avoiding gluten, the rich chocolate dessert will appeal to every chocolate lover. They also offer a gluten-free lemon and orange cheesecake by replacing that graham cracker crust with a nut crust which delivers that sought after crunch. To satisfy most dietary issues in one dessert, they have their Roly Poly that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no added sugar.
1020 Cook St

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Veneto 2Veneto Tapa Lounge
Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re looking for a favourite dessert that you’ll never get tired of, Veneto has the answer: their ice cream sandwich (which typically changes flavours weekly). Baked cookies sandwich house-made ice cream in a delightful dessert that will have your dessert stomach screaming out for more. Continuing their tapas style into dessert, their ice cream sandwich is just one of six desserts you can choose from when customizing your own dessert trio.
1450 Douglas St



Famoso 1Famoso
Gelato and Sorbetto

When it comes to keeping things authentically Italian, Famoso goes beyond their pizzas with their selection of 10 flavours of gelato and sorbetto (which change every 6 months). Their gelatos are hand-crafted in small batches out of Calgary, AB from Fiasco Gelato and they creatively serve them in a variety of forms; there’s a lot more going on here than just a scoop in a cup. If you’re in need of something refreshing, their gelato floats pair delicious flavours like lemon sorbetto with raspberry Italian soda. Perhaps the best kept secret of Famoso is their Affogato dessert – this delicious treat combines your choice of gelato with a shot of espresso poured over top to provide you with a sweet treat and pick me up all rolled into one.
128, 560 Johnson St



Vis a Vis 2Vis à Vis
Cheese Plate

Maybe you don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but it’s always nice to have something to finish off a meal or to nibble on while you slip away into great conversation. Vis à Vis has you covered with their assortment of cheeses. Celebrating exceptional cheese-making from around the world, the list includes some delectable BC cheeses. Knowledgeable staff can guide you through the cheese selecting process or will put together a platter to showcase a variety of cheeses. Ask about pairing this up with a variety of wines to sip as the conversation continues.
2232 Oak Bay Ave



Ooh La La 2Ooh La La Cupcakes


The cupcake scene exploded onto the dessert stage and it takes a good cupcake to survive the explosion after all the hype subsides. Ooh La La Cupcakes has done just that. It’s hard to resist being tempted through the doors of their stores by their colourful displays of creatively showcased cupcakes. They offer a variety of flavours, including such classics as Just Vanilla or Red Velvet, and playful creations such as Monkey Business or Cookie Monster.
4-619 Broughton St




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