Tapas Crawl at Bodega, Chorizo & Perro Negro on July 19th

The Spanish verb “tapear” means to traipse about town, drinking wine and eating tapas at different places. Tapas are those small, exquisite dishes that are served at bars in Spain to accompany drinking. Each one is different, depending on the inspiration of the chef at each location. While in and of itself each dish is small, they add up to a filling meal if one enjoys enough of them. This Sunday (July 19th) Victoria is having its own tapas craw at three locations through the city: Chorizo, Bodega, and Perro Negro. The wine at this event is going to be served (and explained) by Misconduct Wine Co. Ticket information is available at the bottom of this story.

Naturally, the exact dishes may be subject to the last minute inspirational feelings of the chefs involved, but the advance notice I’ve been given is that you will probably encounter some of the following if you get out to this event:

Misconduct 1





At Chorizo, we are expecting:

-Grilled moorish spiced pork skewers (Pinchos) with chimichurri

-Pan con Tomate (Catalan grilled bread rubbed with garlic and tomato)

-Tortilla Espanola


Perro Negro

Perro Negro


At Perro Negro, there will be:

-Tofino shrimp tortallitas (little fried chickpea & shrimp pancakes from cadiz)

-Pintxos of salt cod brandada, piperada, local octopus & chorizo

-Pintxos of creamed leeks, truffle, roasted mushroom & serrano ham

 It was also whispered to me that there will be live flamenco music at this location, as well.





At Bodega, we will be getting:

-Morcilla and beans braised in cider, with a cabbage & apple slaw on top

-Other surprises. The chef is not tipping his hand yet, but you can be sure whatever they come up with will be amazing.

The way the event works is like this. Twenty five people will start at each location, spend 45 minutes eating tapas, drinking wine, and then walking to the next venue. This way, three groups will move between the three locations, beginning at 6:00pm and ending at 9:00pm. The entire event is made possible by the Houseguest series, and it promises to be great fun and delicious.


Houseguest: The Tapa Crawl – July 19th, 2015, 6:00 PM

Tickets: $65 at leftcoasthouseguest.com

Starting at 6:00pm, three small groups will start the crawl, each at a different restaurant, and rotate through all three venues.

For ticket info and more details visit Houseguest.



Bodega Bar

1210 Broad Street

Victoria BC




Chorizo & Co.

807 Fort St

Victoria, BC




Perro Negro @ Ferris Oyster Bar

536 Yates Street,

Victoria, BC




Misconduct Wine Co.



Houseguest Series



Photo courtesy of Bodega

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