The Mighty Green: Year-round microgreens make any meal healthier.


My recent visit to a master microgreens grower in North Saanich, where you are literally surrounded in new life, will give you hope in this season when everything seems to take a little more effort.  Hope that you can achieve all those “New Year, New You” resolutions for being a better person. We all have one of these lists; we just don’t all admit it. And many of our lists are topped with “eat better/fresher/greener.”

Enter the microgreen. These little lovelies are the champions of any fresh/local/green master strategy. Tim Gilpin at Specialty Microgreens has been at this for years. He harvests every two weeks year round, at the appearance of the first “true leaves,” to capitalize on maximum nutrient density. New seeds are always soaking and fresh cuts are being dropped at local markets to fuel your new commitment to goodness.

Microgreens aren’t the new kid on the block some think they are. They’ve been on the scene since the ’70s but are currently taking centre stage as their extreme nutrient density of up to 40 times that of their full-leaf counterpart speaks to our constant quest for increased efficiency, even in our food.

These little leaves deliver: with more than 15 varieties seeded throughout the year—from pac choi and radish to purple mustard, kohlrabi, arugula, peas and all of the brassicas—you’re not only getting concentrated nutrients, the flavour delivery is exceptional. Every salad, sandwich, soup or rice bowl topped with microgreens is instantly healthier, and immensely tastier. How often is the more nutritious option also the more delicious one? Put these little green gems on your grocery list; or get a New Year’s resolution gold star for growing your own. Website


Daisy Orser is co-owner of The Root Cellar Village Green Grocer, an award winning locally-focused food market in Victoria BC.



When Shakespeare said ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce,’ I’m certain he was eating avocado toast topped with a nice big handful of local micro greens.

MICRO GREENS BOAST 10-40x the nutrient density of their full leaf counterparts.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Locally grown and readily available year round, nutrient dense and delicious.

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