The Results of the 2nd Annual Readers’ Survey Are Out

You voted for your favourites—the best places to eat, dine, and shop for food and wine on Vancouver Island—and here are your results to all thirty-two questions.

Taken together, they make a delicious snapshot of a moment in our culinary times. There are no losers; we all win by shining the spotlight on a robust and healthy food scene on the Island. Our neighbours can only drool with envy. Not only do we get the mildest climate in the country but we also have some of the best food products around for our chefs, vintners and brewers to create with.

In looking over the tally of votes it’s immediately clear that ours is a not food scene controlled by big corporate enterprise with profits sent to head offices in far away places, but, like peas in a spring risotto, it’s a food scene where small, independent, local businesses dot our communities and     neighbourhoods, satisfying our appetit e for eating and drinking local.

We’ve organized the results into four groups: eating in, eating out, drinking and finally, giving credit to those who inspire us. You’ll find some of the questions are different this time around—because isn’t this year different from the last?

These are our food and drink heroes. Thank them, support them, and enjoy them— indeed, we are all very lucky to live on this island.


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