Top Five Mini Bites in Victoria

I’m easily swayed by the words Happy Hour, Two for One, and “small plates.” Notice the latter is plural (plates), which evokes the anticipation of not one but several little dishes. Yes, I love nothing more than feeling like I’m getting a good deal, and a host of choices when I go out for a bite to eat. Really, who doesn’t?

Just a wee nibble, late in the day, can prevent over eating at dinner too. If you ask me, it’s one of the more viable, enjoyable and economic ways to eat. Your bill afterwards won’t leave you in shock, you have a chance to unwind before dinner, and you can potentially curb the tendency to overindulge later.

A note about small plates

Funny thing though, before I began to work on this assignment, I had no idea there is an actual thing called the [Small Plate Movement]. For many people (including myself) “small plates” is simply the preferred way to eat — little meals spread throughout the day. That way you are less likely to become ravenous and inclined to gorge at any one meal.

According to research by Dr. Brian Wansink, the Small Plate Movement strives to lower the amount of food consumed (per meal) by decreasing plate size and thereby helping people to lose weight and gain healthier eating habits.

“A person tends to over-serve onto larger plates, and because people consume an average of 92% of what they serve themselves, larger plates lead to larger food intake. A two inch difference in plate diameter — from 12″ to 10″ plates — would result in 22% fewer calories being served […] If a typical dinner has 800 calories, a smaller plate would lead to a weight loss of around 18 pounds per year for an average size adult” source.

So not only is it a good idea to have someone else serve you up a tasty morsel (on a small plate), eating small bites is healthy too!

The following is a list of my top five favourite places in Victoria to enjoy small bites for a small price. Enjoy!

Polenta Fries-Bubby's

Bubby’s Kitchen

Bubby’s Kitchen offers a full menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Despite a huge selection, I chose the Ancho Cheddar Polenta fries (crispy with a kick, $7) and the Panko Halibut Bites served with a creamy sesame sauce and an Asian slaw (moist and fresh with a little crunch, $9).
335 Cook Street
Phone: (250) 590-8950

Scotch Egs (Guild)

Welsh Rarebit

The Guild

Bacon in a glass. For the bacon lover this is a mini bite of heaven — double smoked, maple, and beer glazed ($6). The Scotch Eggs are a big hit: made with in-house pork sausage, wrapped around a hard boiled egg, deep fried and served with house made Piccalilli relish ($6). And what would a mini bite be without Welsh Rarebit? A delicious blend of cheeses, mustard, and beer melted on toast ($6).
1250 Wharf Street
Phone: (250) 385-3474

Cauliflower Beignets

Rustic Pork Terrine

Mushrooms on toast

Mushrooms on toast

Vis a Vis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cauliflower is one of the most versatile, adaptable and flavour absorbing vegetables around. The Cauliflower Beignets served at Vis a Vis are incredible. Served with a curry aioli and sea salt, these are light and crisp and too good to last! ($6). The Rustic Pork Terrine is a little more substantial; coarse ground and bacon wrapped and served with violet mustard, pear chutney and sourdough crisps ($10). The Mushrooms on Toast are simple but amazing: wild mushrooms served on garlic toasted sourdough with a poached egg and fresh herbs ($14).
2232 Oak Bay Avenue
Phone: (250) 590-7424

Garlic Frites (Vista 18)

Asian BBQ Lamb Ribs (Vista)

Vista 18

Vista 18 features a small bites menu from 3pm to midnight. Expect creative interpretations of classics: crispy pickles, mac n cheese spring rolls, and Asian pork ribs. The corn and basil gnocchi basket was a highlight — tender little morsels that melt in your mouth ($7). The Fire Roasted Garlic Frites served with a romano cheese aioli are hard to ignore ($6).
Enjoy two for one small bites from 3:00pm to 5:00pm [italics] Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites
740 Burdett Avenue
Phone: (250) 382-9258

Veneto Sliders

Veneto Tapa Lounge

Veneto has some excellent dishes to choose from. As for mini bites, our top pick goes to the house sliders — scrumptious little gems ($4) Offering three varieties: eggplant parmesan and baby mozzarella, braised short rib with marsala mushrooms with horse radish aioli, and crispy pork belly with sweet apple relish and a lemon-wasabi aioli. ! Monday to Friday from 4 – 6pm sliders (and several other menu items) are half the price.
1450 Douglas Street
Phone: (250) 383-7310

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