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“We told the story of the farm, the farmer, and the cow, and our concept was born.” -Jason Pleym, President & Co-Founder, Two Rivers Meats.


Two Rivers Meats President and Co-Founder Jason Pleym. right: Pemberton Meadows Farm

Have you ever found yourself perusing a restaurant menu, pondering a meat dish, yet worried about the quality of the product––or quality of life had by the animal? Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical concerns associated with factory farming and the mainstream poultry and livestock industry.


Enter Two Rivers Meats, the company founded in January 2008 by Jason and Margot Pleym. Inspired by Margot’s father’s farm, Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef, the couple set out to find other producers of cattle, poultry, sheep, game, and pork that demonstrated the same dedication to ethical and sustainable animal husbandry. Today, Two Rivers Meats represents over 20 small-scale farms, ranches, and producers, supplying dozens of discerning restaurants, hotels and retailers across British Columbia. Some of their products include custom-cut beef, chicken, pork, duck, venison, elk, and game birds, as well as housemade sausages and charcuterie. All Two Rivers products are antibiotic, hormone, and chemical-feed free.


Says Jason Pleym, “We go straight to the farm and speak with the farmer. We learn and inspect what they do, and how they do it…[then] tell the story of the product, which in turn helps the consumer in their decision making process. They are now educated in the food they are cooking for their customers and families.”


The concept is catching on, and Two Rivers Meats is busier than ever. As more hotels, restaurants and stores make the switch, the company is also considering a direct-to-consumer program. Good news for concerned consumers, and even better news for all the would-be jam-packed, medicated animals of the factory farm world.


So, what cut does the man who made 2011 Business in Vancouver’s 40 under 40 list like the most? “I have enjoyed cooking our Heritage Angus beef cheeks, slow braise in red wine and fennel, star anise…flavour, texture, melt-in-your-mouth goodness!”




Two Rivers Meats

180 Donaghy Avenue

North Vancouver, B.C.

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