Vancouver Island Brewery Sea Dog Amber Ale

Victoria, BC

$11.55 – $14 for 6 x 341ml

This time last year, Vancouver Island Brewery released Spyhopper Honey Brown, commemorating their 25th anniversary and referencing the coastal Killer Whale’s playful popping out of the ocean.  This year, Victoria’s venerable VIB released Sea Dog Amber Ale, named in honour of the 100th anniversary of Canada’s Navy.

Smart marketing.  Spring, suds, sea – the orca-logoed brewery is working this theme to their advantage.  A burnished copper hue, Sea Dog welcomes with a toasted nut aroma and flavours of fresh popped popcorn, rooty malt and a clean finish.  More a pair-with-food brew than a refreshing sipping beer, this ale makes a nice transition from the winter wet coast weather to the welcome sunlight of early spring.  I enjoyed this with grilled pork chop and carmelized root veg – the sweet toastiness of both playing off each other.

I’m taking an early stab at their spring 2011 release – Porpoise Porter perhaps?

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