Velenosi Offida DOC Villa Angela Pecorino 2008

The Marches, Italy

Tired of drinking the same old, same old? I recommend a little Pecorino in your glass. Before you head to the cheese counter, let me introduce you to a little known grape, brought back from the brink of extinction, and autochthonous (Winespeak translation: indigenous) to Italy’s Marche region. The origin of its cheesy name is still debated, but the most common theory is that the variety was a favorite nibble of the sheep that were driven through vineyard lands. Pecorino-making sheep are pretty smart, for this grape makes one unique wine.

There’s a lot of flavours going on here, and if you’re used to sipping more mainstream grapes and wines, it might take you by surprise. It’s a big wine world out there and life’s short, so fear not and drink up! Greenish yellow in hue, with aromas of acacia, almonds, spice and white pepper. On the palate, this full bodied, round white shows herbal, floral and citrus flavours, along with notes of ginger, bitter almonds, hazelnuts, honeyed tropical fruits and minerality. Fresh with heft, herbal with fragrant delicacy, expressive and gutsy – definitely not same old, same old. I paired with matcha dusted halibut and toasted almond green beans. Try too with hazelnuts and pecorino (the cheese, natch).

Ercole Velenosi is an award winning winery founded in 1984 by two young entrepreneurs, Angela and Ercole Velenosi. It is based in the Ascoli Piceno province of the Marches region

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