Veneto in the Rialto is a Hit

Amble up to the gorgeous marble bar and slide into a high backed stool. Bartenders Josh and Holly will muddle you up a Sazerac, Pisco Sour or pour you a flight of three 2 oz wines for $10. With floor to ceiling windows, 20 ft ceilings and generous use of wood, conscious lighting, space and perpendicular lines in design, veneto is classy and hip (and yes, we are talking about Victoria.)

This new “urban lounge” is not only a funky and refreshing much needed addition to the evening options in Victoria, but the approach and delivery of the menu and professional and sincere service is irresistible.

The Tapa Style Entrées (prepared three ways) are listed by protein; beef, tuna, lamb, chicken, crab and shrimp. I went for the crab. The blue crab spring roll with fresh cilantro and smoked chipotle dressing was fresh, satisfying, and void of filler ingredients. The Creole crab cake with roasted corn salsa and chipotle tartar sauce was lovely. But it was the crab and ricotta stuffed pasta shell baked with Creole parmesan gratin that gave me pause with pleasure. It was sumptuous and well balanced and delicious. They arrived on three square white plated embedded in a beautiful narrow wooden platter. I often translate “tapa” as pretty and pretty small. This three-part tapa is the perfect light meal and at $14, I am keen to sample the lamb entrée soon, with the jumbo shrimp and goat cheese stuffed lamb chop with cranberry Texas red wine sauce. Tod Bosence, veneto’s chef has really done a beautiful job.

veneto is open Monday-Sunday 4pm-1am (Yes, Sundays and Mondays!)

1450 Douglas tel: 383-7310

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