Victoria’s Top 5 Macarons

If you’re already familiar with macarons, then you’re part of a seemingly small minority of people in Victoria. Not only are they somewhat hard to come by, but also even some local bakery owners were somewhat bewildered when I asked if they carried these tasty little morsels.


So what is a macaron? Well, it’s a sweet confectionary, predominantly consisting of egg whites, and often found in an assortment of colours and flavours. The shape is reminiscent of a hamburger with its crunchy cookie-like top and bottom, sandwiching a smooth, chewy and often creamy middle layer. Not to be confused with the coconut macaroon, the French macaron has been made popular by such Parisian heavyweights as Ladurée, Lenôtre, and Pierre Hermé. But not all of us can jet off to Paris whenever we feel like a bite of these beautifully textured treats, so luckily for residents of Victoria there are a few places in town where you can get your macaron fix.


Murchies' macarons

Murchie’s Tea and Coffee

Probably one of the first places to offer macarons in Victoria, Murchie’s literally serves your selection on a silver platter (or at least a silver looking metal platter). With such flavours as pistachio, vanilla, coffee, lemon, raspberry, and chocolate mint, Murchie’s macrons are teeny and traditional and go wonderfully with one of their signature teas.

1110 Government Street, (250) 383-3112


The Fairmont Empress Hotel 

The Empress macarons

Get a room? Another one of Victoria’s long time establishments, The Empress hotel doesn’t always offer macarons on their regular menus, but if you’re lucky enough to be a Fairmont Gold Member or stay in one of their Gold Rooms, you can custom order a selection of these French pastries. Otherwise your next best chance of tasting them is to put on a conference and have catering provide them as a part of your break spread.

721 Government Street, (250) 384-8111


Fol Epi's macarons

Fol Epi

For an experience like a French patisserie but with a West Coast waterfront view, head over to Fol Epi in the up-and-coming Dockside Green area. Not only will a charming young French woman greet you at the till, but also you will have your selection of organically made and beautifully textured macarons. To ensure the highest level of quality and adherence to organic ingredients, the chefs at this bakery buy locally grown almonds, and blanch and grind them in-house. Even more unique is the fact that they steer clear of any food colouring, which is often found in some macarons.

398 Harbour Road, (250) 477-8882


The Oak Bay Marina

Another place to grab your macarons while staring out over a pleasant waterfront view is at the Oak Bay Marina

Tthe Marina Restaurant's macarons

restaurant. While you can’t take your macarons to go, you can often find them incorporated into their famous Sunday brunch along with many other French pastry delights, or you may be lucky enough to come on the odd day where they are featuring macarons in one of their delectable dessert creations.

1327 Beach Drive, (250) 598-3369


Origin's macarons

Origin Bakery

Origin Bakery is known for being a gluten-free staple in the Victoria community, and while macarons are generally gluten-free by nature, the pastry chefs at Origin take it a step further by making sure their macarons remain dairy free as well. Flavour assortments are often kept to a minimum, as the chefs prefer to use only seasonal and locally produced ingredients.

1525 Pandora Avenue, (250) 590-4149


If you’d like to try a hand at your own macaron-making or simply want to learn more about these unique sweets, head town to Emporia Boutique (1223 Government Street, 250-590-4500)


which supplies an assortment of Parisian- inspired delights, including a beautifully photographed book called “I ♥ Macarons!” Amongst the colourful pages you’ll find information on different varieties, innovative displays, and of course simple recipes.


– Story and photography by Ellie Shortt

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