Weingut Rudolf Rabl Grüner Veltliner Spiegel 2006

Kamptal, Austria

Does our Wet Coast weather leave you in a funk?  Not feeling groovy?  One easy way to let a little sunshine in is with a bottle of this fresh and fabulous Grüner Veltliner [GROO-ner FELT-lih-ner] a.k.a. GV or GruVee. Clean, stunningly bright nose of citrus, minerals and apples leads to a crisp palate with lemon-lime and nectarine fruit, floral notes, and a tart finish.  Medium bodied, with a wafting hint of satisfying honey sweetness and racy acidity, GV makes for a very friendly food wine.  From spring rolls to shellfish to sushi to creamy cheeses, – or just enjoy solo and feel the rainclouds melt away.   GV is synonymous with Austria, where it has been cultivated since Roman times.  It is also planted in Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. It is also called Grünmuskateller and Veltlini, as well as simply Grüner.

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