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We are excited to welcome Cook Culture into the Storehouse community. Cook Culture is one of EAT’s go-to places to find a wide range of kitchen and cooking supplies that are the best quality. Owner Jed Grieve has a fantastic vision for his store, and has not faltered in maintaining and growing it. Jed’s appetite for bringing in cool and useful kitchen tools is insatiable, which is really good, because every time we go in there is something new that we have to add to the EAT test kitchen.


Since first opening in 2010, Cook Culture has quickly grown to be Victoria’s favourite kitchen store and cooking school.

Owner Jed Grieve sees Cook Culture as a “hardware store” –  featuring a strong selection of useful, interesting and beautiful kitchen tools at a range of prices. Whether it’s the complete line of gorgeous Staub cast iron from France, the Island’s best selection of Japanese knives, or a great range of kitchen basics – such as a dozen different kinds of vegetable peelers – Cook Culture has more than even the most ardent kitchen collector could hope for. With over 20 years of retail experience, he knows that listening to his customers is the key to making sure that few people leave Cook Culture empty handed. The knowledgeable staff always seem to find the right balance between being close at hand if you need them, and letting you enjoy a good browse of all the kitchen goodies.  Speaking of goodies, Cook Culture has recently introduced its own unique selection of high quality artisanal chocolate bars from around the chocolate world. Many may claim to come in for a potscrubber, but somehow always leave with a new bar or two from a family-run cacao plantation in Ecuador.

As for the cooking school, Cook Culture has built strong relationships with local chefs by supporting many local culinary and food security initiatives and events, often in conjunction with the Island Chefs’ Collaborative. This close connection to the local culinary community is reflected in the wide range of different chefs who have taught classes at Cook Culture. Sushi, pizza, Mexican, Thai, Indian, bread, cheese, dessert – Victoria has excellent teachers of every aspect and style of cooking, and many of them regularly share their knowledge within the Cook Culture kitchen.


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Colin is the Assistant Editor at EAT. You can contact him via colin@eatmagazine.ca. Colin was born in Nova Scotia and spent his first five years there. His mother and father owned an inn and restaurant and Colin spent his time ...

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