Welcome to the New EAT Website

Welcome to the new vision of what we are online. We have been working for many months getting ready for this day, the launch of a new EAT. We have toiled over the look and feel, and we have enhanced the ease of use within the site.

Top Photo: A picture of a pie from one of our very issues!

Articles are more readable and easier to find. We have taken a more web friendly approach to the layout by increasing picture sizes (and quality), as well as making the site compatible with mobile devices (to try it out if you are on a desktop computer, resize the window until it is as small as it will go. Pretty great huh?).

Along with the new layout is a host of new reasons to check back day after day. We have hired new web writers, columnists, and photographers. Each brings a unique style and approach to their stories. We also have a new assistant editor for the website who can help steer the ship to match the interests of British Columbians.


EAT will still focus on food and drink, but we are going to slightly broaden our scope to news areas that are food & drink related – from guides to the city (5 best places to get X), to interviewing folks who are tied in with the community, to reviewing kitchen tools (who doesn’t love things for their kitchen, right?!). We will still have our regular sections, such as First Look (to introduce you to new dining and drinking spots around town), Good For You (for healthy eating and foods), and Drink This (weekly wine and drink recommendations).

Over the next few weeks we will be posting meet-the-new-team articles so you can learn a little more about the EAT team­ and get to know each new writer/photographer/columnist a little better. We hope that you enjoy their varied and particular styles. You can check out some of their fresh new articles at the top of the news feed (right under where it says: smart. local. delicious.). The bottom byline has their picture and a short bio. As well, if you click the “read more” it will aggregate all that writer’s articles to one place.



We hope you will enjoy the new EAT


Gary Hynes

Editor in chief



Colin H.

Assistant editor

Special Thanks

This one goes out to Graem, David and everyone at Media One Multimedia for helping put this project together.


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Colin is the Assistant Editor at EAT. You can contact him via colin@eatmagazine.ca. Colin was born in Nova Scotia and spent his first five years there. His mother and father owned an inn and restaurant and Colin spent his time ...

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