What Restaurant Trends Should End

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about what type of restaurant I’d open if given the chance. My plan changes often, reflecting current food trends. A few years ago, Molecular gastronomy reigned. Then the focused shifted to comfort food. Today, it’s all vegetarian and vegan offerings. I can’t go a day without seeing a picture of avocado toast or an acai breakfast bowl on my Instagram feed. 

I hit up Cook Street Village to ask #yyj-ers what food trends they’re so over, and what new restaurant or menu items they’d like to see in Victoria. I also asked them what establishment they currently love. (Shh, I didn’t tell anyone this is secretly research for my dream restaurant.)

Personally, I’d be a happy camper to never see a Mason jar cup again. Ditto for truffle fries. Instead, I’m excited about restaurants that only serve one thing. The plethora of burger places in town proves this model can work, but how about something exotic, like tandoori or curry? And my favourite place to eat in town… nope, that’s staying a secret.


Midori Igarashi

Midori Igarashi_

Midori recently moved to Victoria from the States. “I see a lot of sushi places,” she says. “I want to see more Mexican food and more international choices, like Thai, but not takeout.” Find her eating at Korean Garden on Quadra Street.


Gord Freeman Ward

Gord Freeman Ward_

“Bread service is ridiculous and a waste of money,” says Gord. “I’m excited about the cowboy pub that’s about to open. I just learned about it today and it’ll be cool to have a country themed place to go.” (The Duke Saloon opens August 22+23+24.) Gord and his friends frequent Cactus Club for the “good vibes.”


Krista Kalyniuk

Krista Kalyniuk_

Krista isn’t a fan of bacon in everything, especially drinks like the Caesar. She’d love to see more specialty options, like ramen noodle bars. And deciding on only one favourite restaurant? Never. “It’s a tie between Baan Thai and Big Wheel Burger.”


Stefan Haviland

Stefan Haviland_

“I don’t notice or care what people are doing with their food,” says Stefan, but he’s definitely detected the lack of meat-free menu items. “We need more emphasis on vegetarian options, even in grocery stores and mainstream restaurants.” It’s a three-way tie for eating out: Green Cuisine, The Reef or the Hot and Cold Café.


John Korneluk

John Korneluk_

John had no problem answering my questions — he works in the restaurant industry. “Pulled pork has got to go. More seriously though, there are a lot of restaurants that make their selling point that things are ‘from scratch,’ where it should be automatically from scratch and fresh. Don’t use local and organic as a selling point.” If he opens a restaurant, the focus will be on sustainability. “Teach people how to eat healthy. Restaurants should encourage everyone to cook and understand what they eat.” Run into John at the Moss Street Market.


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