Wheelies Motorcycles Cafe Adds Dinner Options

Wheelies Motorcycles is best known for lunches, brunches, bikes and boozy no-nonsense cocktails. With the winter months rolling in, the restaurant has definitely started to take on a cosier feel. Despite there being no snow on the ground in Victoria the wood panelled interior and soft lighting has transformed the summer hot spot into a snug neighbourhood haunt that has taken on the feel of a small alpine cabin. Around this time, many of us are looking for a warm place to shack up for a nice easy dinner and some good drinks. Wheelies can now be counted among one of those places, having recently introduced a simple, refined and comforting dinner option to its weekend menu.

The Rock Bay area off Bay St. is relatively devoid of a decent spot to sip drinks, chow down on good food, and hang with friends in the evening. Wheelies Motorcycles had no problem filling seats in the summer, as it became a destination for wicked brunches and double caesars. Owners Joel Harrison and Jay Pincombe have let chef Kai Musseau stretch his legs in the kitchen, branching out of sandwiches and breakfast hashes in to some hearty well-rounded dinner dishes. Musseau is a self-taught chef who has been looking for an opportunity to shake things up a bit. There are no changes to the current menu but the addition of a small and thoughtfully planned dinner menu will likely draw in regulars and curious neighbours, encouraging people to sit and stay a while longer into the night.

Lamb shank confit Pictured at the top of the page: Pork shoulder flatbread

Lamb shank confit
Pictured at the top of the page: Pork shoulder flatbread

Served on Friday and Saturday night only Wheelies is featuring an appetizer or sharing plate and one main course. Dishes are composed of local ingredients with meats sourced from Slaters, recently featuring a freshly baked pork shoulder flatbread with barbequed onions and goat cheese and a Metchosin lamb shank confit with a Phillips ginger ale glaze and smashed baby potatoes. Other features have included brisket with honey cornbread and jerk chicken with chorizo.

The new dinner menu will likely be a limited run as the summer months come back into play but for now all are welcome to come and relax on a cold winter night, grab some drinks, watch a John Wayne film on silent, and get some good comfort food to round out the evening.


2620 Rock Bay Ave., Victoria, BC


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