Where to Find Artisan Ice Cream and Gelato in Victoria

from left to right: a quadruple scoop! Ms. Cold Comfort at Market Square, home made soft serve vanilla with chocolate sauce at Fol Epi.

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and it is no longer only the kids craving cold desserts. If you’ve had a hankering for something sweet, creamy and chilly, but want to avoid the busy tourist areas, look no further. Here’s the official EAT Summer Treat List.

Cold Comfort: Who knows what inspiration will strike next? Recent original and memorable concoctions have included watermelon and rosewater sorbet, GuacaHoly Margarita sorbet (a dairy free, Fresh Lime, Avocado, Cilantro, Tequila, Triple Sec and Fleur de Sel creation) or “Belle Royale” Beer and Sour Cherry Swirl. Available at the Moss St. Market from 1o-2 on Saturdays and at the Victoria Downtown Public Market July 24th and August 21st. Pints and ice cream sandwiches available.

Fol Epi: Homemade vanilla soft serve ice cream with a choice of decadent chocolate or fruit sauces.

Ottavio: Homemade gelato using organic milk and local ingredients. Citrus lover? Try pink grapefruit! Available by the scoop.

Pizzeria Prima Strada: Housemade gelato and sorbetto. Favourite flavours include blood orange, green apple and hazelnut. Available by the scoop.

The Udder Guys Ice Cream Co.: This Duncan, BC-based premium ice cream company has been growing steadily since they first started production in 1999. Now making 24 flavours, including varieties made with local blackberries and strawberries. Available by the scoop at their ice cream parlour in Cowichan Bay, or by the pint at locations throughout BC. For a complete list of where to find Udder Guys ice cream, click here.

Looking for some more exotic flavours? The Noodle Box has added some Asian-inspired artisan ice creams to their menu, including green tea and black sesame. JagaSilk TeaBar also serves tea-infused ice creams under their Orange Duck Ice Cream Co. brand. Try their Maccha or London Fog flavours.

Click the links for locations and hours!

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