Wild Thyme Coffee House Needs Your Help!

The Wild Thyme Coffee House on Saturna Island (which we profiled in the Nov/Dec issue of EAT) is needing your help. Owner Aleah Johnson is looking to crowdsource the purchase of the land which the bus sits on as well as the house nearby to convert her cafe into a full fledged B&B/Cafe, otherwise the bus may have to close down!


From the Go Fund Me campaign:

“I am a young female entrepreneur and owner/operator of a 1963 Double Decker Bus Restaurant. My business has been successfully operating for almost three years now. We are also one of the few employers on the island providing jobs to a younger demographic. With the help of my community, we transformed the old smashed up bus into a fully functional cafe. The property the business operates on is coming up for sale soon, if I can’t buy it before they are ready to sell, we might have to close shop. I’m looking to raise enough money for a down payment and hopefully some start-up capital to launch phase two of my business plan. With your help I would transform the existing house on the property into a fun and affordable bed and breakfast with a few cheap hostel rooms. So you can come visit! I will also convert the existing brick building on the property into a new commercial kitchen for catering and baking for the business. Help me build The Bus Stop Bakery & Bed and Breakfast and you will also be helping to create more stable jobs on Saturna Island! I will give anyone that donates over $100.00 a free 2 night stay in the B&B when it is built :)”

Help Aleah HEREWild-Thyme_bus

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