Worth Its Weight in…Vancouver Island Salt

Vancouver Island Salt Co.

Although salt has become customary in most modern-day kitchens, we often forget that not too long ago it was the cause of some significant wars around the world. Once deemed “white gold,” salt gained popularity when civilization moved towards an agricultural format and came to rely on this precious item for both the seasoning and preservation of food, thus making it the source of some violent competition between kings and queens of opposing nations.


Although this is somewhat hard to believe as you mindlessly sprinkle common table salt on your bland roast beef, it’s not as surprising when tasting the truly divine flavours of high quality varieties.  This is perfectly highlighted through the products of The Vancouver Island Salt Co., located in beautiful Cobble Hill, BC. Established in 2010 by Andrew Shephard, the company’s handcrafted salts include such innovative infusions as roasted garlic, balsamic vinegar, banana-pepper, and mustard. Their smoked selections, such as alder, cherry and maple, have become popular items amongst local chefs and experimental home cooks alike, offering a distinct and unique aroma to everything from sauces to stews.  Even try tossing a dash of one of these smoky salts on some caramel covered ice cream, and your regular dessert will be transformed into an exciting combination of sweet and savoury, with a bit of an added kick.


A useful tool to keep in your kitchen, or an impressive and practical gift for friends and family, there’s no doubt that a bag of Vancouver Island Salt Co. salts will transform even the blandest of spice drawers.


For more on how these salts are produced, as well as additional information on this local business, go to the Vancouver Island Salt Co. website at www.visaltco.com. Also check out their website for a list of local vendors and products you can order online.

– By Ellie Shortt 


Vancouver Island Salt Co: 4235 Telegraph Road, Cobble Hill, BC (250) 882-4489, islandsalt@gmail.com


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